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Culinary TAM : £300M Revenues on £1.5BN Bookings

Special Interest TAM : £2BN+ Revenues on £10BN+ Bookings


Post Series A Revenue Projections £

Phase I - 2020

Building product to launch

Phase I - Product Development to Launch


Launched April 2020

Monthly compound growth of 40% over 9 months

Peaking at 480,00 monthly page views

Signed up 6,000 accounts

120 actively publishing influencers

Phase II - Monetisation, App, Tools


Brand Recommendations



In-browser live streaming

In-browser video calls (Zoom)

2021 - Invested in product to attract higher level influencers and ready ourselves for revenue generation

CB was approached by HP in June

Printed cookbooks for social media influencers

Instant publishing of printed cookbook from CB

HP and CB signed a joint Letter of Intent covering range of interests including possible investment

CB is the only platform HP is integrating with

HP and CB are targeting the exact same audience

We are doing joint marketing campaigns

HP will pass leads to CB

CB acts as the HP Content Management System

A major new partnership

Projected revenues at December 2021

Revenues start in September with a focus on reaching break-even by Q1 2022

Committed : already agreed to join the platform and monetise their content

Possible : already agreed to join the platform and monetise their content

New : new influencers we anticipate signing up who will be monetising by Dec 2021


Funding - Final Seed Round


Raising £150K (EIS approved)

Valuation at same price as last round (£1.7M)

£500,000 funding to date

Demonstrate revenue growth

Consolidate HP relationship

Reach break-even by Q1 2022

Bridge to a Series A round

Hire 1 US person for brand relationships and sales

Run co-budgeted campaigns in conjunction with HP

Copy of CB Summary Deck

By Zena Kamgaing

Copy of CB Summary Deck

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